Macaw The Tropica Bird. *these photos arent edited*

arlier today I felt empowered to do something BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to step outside of the "normal box". Today seemed like the day to see what my skills were made of. I started flipping through images of beautiful things and came across beautiful tropical birds. If people truly knew me, they would know that I absolutley love birds. I even enjoy crows. As dark and grimson as they are often protrayed, I still find their thick black hair beautiful.

The bird I chose to create is called a Macaw Bird. Its an exotic animal. These parrots are talkers, but they usually aren't that good at it, which would be just fine with me. I wouldn't want anything to drive me nuts nor tell on me EVER.

The Colors I'm wearing are:
MAC chrome yellow eyeshadow
NYX purple eyeshadow
Coastal Scents blues (I mixed two colors together)
MAC freshbrew lipstick with c-thru lipglass
MAC peachykeen blush
Sallys Wispys eyelashes


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