It's been a long time!

It's been a very long time since I have frequent this site. Life has been keeping me from updating this blog. I actually got the chance to tip toe on here and do what I love to do best. Talk about MAKE UP. Unfortunately, I haven't been wearing any lately. I've also purchased more brushes to add to my collection. Sigma brushes have been the talk around town, so I decided to give them a try and purchase them. I've also gone to Michaels craft store and purchased a few of the Loew-Cornell brushes. So far so good with those brushes. They are indeed paint brushes, but I figured painters paint canvases and make up is an art as well. So why not try them out. We paint people faces. That's are canvas to. So I decided to try the brushes out.

Wish me luck!
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Fafi love

I have always  been a Fafi lovette! I am big on characters, but only one that offers pizzaz to it. With her artistic sexy characters. Fafi has captured the hearts and opened many eyes to these beauties. I am so surprised that I don't have a few little dolls of these around my place or even painted as murals yet. Hmmm maybe I need to hop on that you guys.
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Blue and Black Diamonds......

On this particular look of mines I actually did two looks in one. The other side of my face is a total different look! Pictures to be continued.

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My Sky is always blue

I woke up one morning and saw how beautiful and blue the sky was. It gave me the perfect idea to create a new look. I loved what I came up with and I hope you guys did to.

Coastal Scent Palette

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Make-Up Make-Up Who Loves Make-Up?

As a girl, make-up is one of my friends. So I decided to spend more time with my friend and play with the new palette of colors that I just got. My boyfriend bought me Coastal Scents. Now some colors I like, some I don't. The colors seem to be more pigmented on the tip of my finger then on my actual lid, but I'm still new to it so let me continue to give it a chance.

Here is what I came up with *smile*

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Macaw The Tropica Bird. *these photos arent edited*

arlier today I felt empowered to do something BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to step outside of the "normal box". Today seemed like the day to see what my skills were made of. I started flipping through images of beautiful things and came across beautiful tropical birds. If people truly knew me, they would know that I absolutley love birds. I even enjoy crows. As dark and grimson as they are often protrayed, I still find their thick black hair beautiful.

The bird I chose to create is called a Macaw Bird. Its an exotic animal. These parrots are talkers, but they usually aren't that good at it, which would be just fine with me. I wouldn't want anything to drive me nuts nor tell on me EVER.

The Colors I'm wearing are:
MAC chrome yellow eyeshadow
NYX purple eyeshadow
Coastal Scents blues (I mixed two colors together)
MAC freshbrew lipstick with c-thru lipglass
MAC peachykeen blush
Sallys Wispys eyelashes
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Natural is as natural does...........

I wanted to do something that was natural, but still considered BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes we come across people who just love the natural look. They prefer that  natural glow. So I wanted to give those people who appreciate real beauty, a natural look with a little touch.

Products I used:
MAC studio finish foundation
Drug Store concealer
MAC unsquare eyeshadow and Raizin all for blush
MAC c-thru lipglass
MAC brun eyeshadow for eyebrows
NYX Terra Coata blush for eyeshadow
Sallys top eyelashes
MAC bottom eyelashes

I arch my own eyebrows when I'm not feeling lazy *smile*
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